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Before proceeding, make sure you've blocked off about an hour to finish your onboarding and to comb through our offerings, all laid out for you below.

There's a lot of value packed into your Upside membership. But no need to feel overwhelmed by it all! Take your time right now, today, to learn about how we roll and what is offered, and decide for yourself which aspects of membership best suit your needs. 

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This quarter's password for all things Upside is: Growtogether20

Anytime you're asked for a password for anything Upside-related, use the one above. This password will always be posted at the top of our weekly Members-Only Emails and at the top of The Upside - Main Facebook page as a reminder. This password changes every quarter.


Join the Facebook Groups

If you haven't already, request to join our two private Facebook Groups.

The Upside - Main

This is where all of our main conversations, collaborations, announcements and Q&As take place.

The Upside - Opportunities

This is where we post speaking, publicity, SEO and other opportunities to gain exposure as an expert in your field. This is also where your fellow members will post client referral opportunities.


Update your Facebook Notification Settings

Once you've joined our two Facebook pages, you can update your notification settings using one of these two methods:

Method 1:

  1. Open the Facebook app on your phone

  2. Click the three horizontal lines icon on the bottom right corner

  3. Scroll down to Settings & Privacy --> Settings

  4. Scroll down to Notifications --> Notification Settings

  5. Scroll down to Groups and select The Upside - Opportunities and check off All Posts under In-App Notifications and Highlights under Push Notifications.

  6. Repeat for The Upside - Main

Method 2:

  1. Open the Facebook app on your phone

  2. Select the Groups icon at the bottom of the app (a circle with three people in it)

  3. At the top of the screen, scroll across the grey buttons horizontally and select Settings.

  4. Then select Notifications

  5. Scroll down to The Upside - Opportunities and by tapping the grey box, select All Posts.

  6. Repeat for The Upside - Main.

Below is a 10-second video demo, as well as a screenshot to help guide you.

Setting up your Facebook Notifications



Connect with Members Using the Membership Directory

Our Membership Directory is like no other! We designed it with function over form in mind, with the goal of making it as robust yet simple as possible for members to connect with one another. ​


On the upper right corner you'll see a magnifying glass. Search for keywords here. 


Upside Tip: Have a specific question that could use some 1:1 expert advice? Run a keyword search, scroll across to the Offers column and see what lights up. It's quite likely that one of your Upside members has offered up help in what you're looking for!


Upside Tip: Scroll down the LinkedIn column to easily add Upside members to your LinkedIn network. Add a personalized note that says, "Hi! I'm a new Upside member and I'd love to stay connected."

Post Your #Intro

To jumpstart connections and engagement, post an #intro on The Upside - Main page. Intros can include stories about your personal background, your professional journey, your hobbies, your family, fun facts and any other information that helps members get to know you better.

Intros can never be too long and you can never add too many hashtags at the top. Tell us anything and everything you'd like! Include photos as well. We'll tag members we think should immediately connect with you.

Upside Tip:  We suggest adding one immediate #ask and one #offer (it can be your member offer) at the end of your intro to help facilitate connections and engagement.

Click below to see sample intros:

Christmas Hutchinson

Tara Rae Bradford

Build Business Friendships

At The Upside, we believe in cultivating business friendships vs. traditional networking. What this means is connecting with your fellow Upside members with the intention of getting nothing in return. Get to know people, build relationships, and ask, "What introductions would be helpful to you right now?" or "What's your biggest goal for this year?" 

I believe that one connection can change your life. And I believe that the most effective way to build a long-term, stable, consistent and healthy business is to plant seeds and watch them slowly blossom. I do not believe in throwing a thousand seeds on dry ground and spraying fertilizer on them. 

Connect directly with members through their emails listed in the Membership Directory.

Connect with Members IRL

Piloted in 2019 and rolled out officially in 2020, we now organize monthly IRL meetups for Upside members to connect even deeper. These meetups are pure magic for making connections.


We alternate between NYC and Summit, NJ, and change the vibe and theme each time. Some months we keep things light, some months we get serious with a hands-on workshop. Depending on our need for space, some meetups are free of charge, and some require a small fee.

Upside Tip: Not in the NYC metro area? Let me know ahead of time if and when you have plans to travel in the area and we will try our best to plan our next meetup around your travel schedule.

Read the Weekly Members-Only Email

Distributed each Friday, our Members-Only Email is a no-BS wrap-up of all things Upside. Plus, we highlight three members each week with what they do and their Upside offer *plus* direct links on how to connect with them via LinkedIn and email.

Upside Tip: If you don't receive your email on Friday, check your spam folder.



Get Answers to Both Simple and Complicated Questions

Use The Upside - Main page as your source for getting answers from some of the smartest advisors and entrepreneurs in the room. Always add hashtags at the top so that your post is easily searchable in our archives.


I answer all questions posted in The Upside - Main, and if I don't have the answer, I'll tag members I think will have the answer. If you email me directly with a consulting/business question, I will always tell you to post it in The Upside and I will answer so that everyone benefits and learns. 

Upside Tip:  If your question requires 1:1 advice, search the Membership Directory first to see if any members have offered help on your particular challenge. Although members in The Upside have a strong reputation for lifting each other up and being generous with advice, please be mindful of everyone's time when crafting your question. Questions that require 5 minutes or less of someone's time will receive many more responses than a question that requires 30 minutes or more. 



Join Our Monthly Coffee Talks

Join these interactive calls, typically scheduled on the second Tuesday of every month, where we dive deep into one specific topic that will have you walking away with a sharpened outlook on your approach to business. You will receive an email calendar invite with Zoom link info to join. 

Upside Tip:  *Most* past Coffee Talks are archived here for your reference.

Join Our Industry Circles

Industry Circles are The Upside's version of a small group rapid-fire mastermind. They are RSVP only and require full commitment of showing up since we hand-curate each group of 3 - 4 members. These calls are conducted over Zoom Webinar.

How they work: Come to each Industry Circle with one challenge for your peers to help you solve. You will have a specific amount of time holding the proverbial mic and engaging with members on your challenge, and when the time's up, we move on to the next member. Industry Circles are not recorded or archived. 

Stay on Top of The Upside - Opportunities Page

The Upside - Opportunities is where we post speaking, publicity, SEO and other opportunities to gain exposure as an expert in your field. This is also where your fellow members will post client referral opportunities.

Upside Tip: Most of our opportunities are time-sensitive or first come, first served. So make sure your notifications are set to receive all posts from this members-only page.


If you are posting a referral opportunity, please include as much info as possible, and include a budget or range if the client will provide one. Most Upside members charge a minimum engagement fee of $5k, so please keep this in mind when referring opportunities. Quality over quantity goes a long way. 


In addition, if you expect to receive a referral fee for any given paid opportunity, please state this in your post. Transparency is always appreciated in The Upside.

Access Our Guides

We are constantly updating, evolving and adding to our learning and growth guides on business development, pricing and even crafting your one-sentence elevator pitch. Access them here.


Extra Credit

Access Premium Services & Resources

At The Upside, we pay for premium services so that you don't have to. Check out the various paid services (like Zoom and Canva) that you can access complimentary as a member, as well as resources that will save you time and money. Access them here.

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