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Want to use our Zoom account for meetings or office hours? Click here.

***please note that these calls cannot be recorded to the cloud due to space limitations***


Want access to our Canva account to design beautiful files for social media, newsletters, websites and invites? Login as and use this quarter's Upside password to launch.


Need a virtual assistant? Whether you need calendar management, content creation or even graphics and website help, reach out to and we will happily introduce you to some awesome VAs we've worked with personally!


Receive two free months of bookkeeping and cancel anytime. We love Bench and couldn't recommend it more!

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Need an intern? We have a relationship with the careers department at Seton Hall University. Reach out to Reesa directly at and please reference Erin Yoffe Halper of The Upside as your connection.


Need a Wordpress website? Contact Barnard's Athena Digital Design for inexpensive, beautiful websites designed by brilliant Barnard students. Contact here.

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